Japanese government commission moves to end data transaction.

Data shared without consent.

More than 30 companies have received a warning from a Japanese government commission regarding data from Recruit Career which predicts the odds of job-hunting students declining informal job offers. A report in the Japan Times and from SIA notes this data has been sold on without consent. Last week Japan’s Personal Information Protection Commission issued Recruit Career a second administrative admonishment over its personal information management. 

Other companies receiving warnings included Mitsubishi Corp., JFE Steel Corp., Toyota Motor Corp. and Mitsubishi Electric Corp.

Within the case it seems that personal information for more than 26,000 job-hunting students was supplied to third parties without consent. Recruit Career being the company that originated the data and benefited financially from passing it on. 

“It was inappropriate for them to supply the data to the client firms,” the Commission said, “without the students’ consent to the information being given to third parties given that the Recruit firms were aware the clients would be able to identify the students from the data.”

Recruit’s Rikunabi job board was previously cited for selling information — without users consent on how likely students would decline job offers based on their browsing history. Recruit has since abolished its service to sell such data.

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