jobsDB Shares 5 Tips for Fresh Graduates to Get a Job without Experience.

Graduate work.

Fresh graduates in Hong Kong tend to have little to no work experience when embarking on their first job search. Confronted with an increasingly competitive and thick labour market, many wonder how to stand out from the crowd and kick off their careers on the right foot. Hong Kong’s graduates are now entering the job seeking season, and to help those without prior experience, jobsDB has offered their top five tips to win a job:


  1. Develop an impressive resume

Even with no experience, an eye-catching resume can give you the edge you need to secure a job. Don’t be afraid to get creative with the layout to stand out; employers like creative and presentable resumes. If you have no experience, it is especially important to review the role’s requirements and highlight specific examples of how you have utilised the required skills in other situations. Make sure to personalise the presentation, layout, and content of your resume to match each job’s skill-set requirements. In addition, include any hard skills relevant to today’s job market such as data analysis, social media experience, or any other technological proficiencies you may have acquired.


  1. Apply for entry-level jobs with no experience

Employers usually expect candidates to have limited or no work experience for entry-level roles and many are willing to provide training. Since the graduation season, “Wholesale and Retail”, “Financial Services”, “Trading and Distribution”, “Information and Technology”, and “Education” have listed the most job vacancies on jobsDB – if you are interested in exploring entry level roles and don’t have a preference on a specific industry, stepping into one of these industries might be a good start to your career. Don’t be afraid to apply to a variety of roles even if you have no experience.


  1. Highlight your soft skills during interviews


Employers pay serious attention to soft skills. Some examples include problem solving, leadership, and communication which many grads have acquired through class or extracurricular activities. You should identify what soft skills are important for the position you are after and practice articulating stories that show how you have used them. Try to be passionate during the interview and back up the enthusiasm with examples of why you are the perfect fit for the job, despite any lack of experience. However, make sure to be careful not to oversell yourself and be humble in your achievements.


  1. Make priorities 

jobsDB “Laws of Attraction” study reveals that Generation Z considers “Salary and Compensation”, “Work-life balance”, and “Career Development Opportunities” as the top three factors for joining a company. While it is important to seek the perfect job, fresh graduates should establish priorities among these factors and the job opportunities presented, especially if you have no experience and the job market is competitive. Remember, there is no absolute right or wrong when it comes to job searching; the key is understanding what matters most to you.


  1. Grow your network

Networking events are a good way to gain valuable contacts and information that may come in handy for your job searches. When you spend time nurturing genuine relationships with people, you can win them over with your honesty, enthusiasm, and personal ethics. Someone you meet at a networking event could someday be the one to recommend you for your dream job.


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