JobSwipe reveals most popular jobs across Europe and beyond. 

A nation of warehouse operatives.

Data from the Tinder-style job search app, JobSwipe, has uncovered the most in demand jobs across Europe and the USA, revealing that the most popular job title in the UK is ‘warehouse operative’. The company suggests this ends the age-old opinion that Britain is a nation of shopkeepers.

Across Europe, from the 900k jobs listed in Germany the most popular job title was ‘einzelhandel’ which means retailer, suggesting that the Germans have taken on the UK’s former mantel. Beyond ‘einzelhandel’, JobSwipe has found that three out of the top six jobs advertised in Germany were varying types of nurse. In France the most popular was ‘real estate agent’, with ‘teacher’ coming in as second. Whilst Italy and Spain are searching for ‘teachers’ more than any other profession, and Spain are increasingly interested in fitness, with the top 10 roles including ‘trainers’ and ‘coaches.’

Whilst the US job market demands ‘personal shoppers’ and ‘Uber delivery drivers’, the top advertised jobs in India were ‘private tutors’, ‘software engineers’ and ‘management roles’.

Market expert Joe Slavin, director at JobSwipe and former manging director of Monster UK, says: “whilst the UK’s employment market is in fairly good shape with the lowest unemployment rate since 1975, there are various ways in which the market can improve. This is especially necessary considering that employment is a lagging economic indicator and the uncertainty of recent government activities is a long way off showing in statistics such as those which have been reported recently.”


The steps which the market can take for continued and greater improvement include:

  • Make the process of looking for a job easier
  • Differentiate your business by paying more than required, and as a result save with less turnover and happier staff
  • Offer flexibility: Unlock the hidden assets of skilled people who cannot work 9-5
  • Consider hiring people 65+
  • Scrap the ping-pong table and give people more win/win perks, e.g., duvet day or extra holiday if business hits targets
  • Invest in people to upskill them and raise productivity
  • Stop looking for ‘Purple Squirrels’ (impossible to find employees)
  • Actively target people with disabilities or different lifestyles in all of your job messaging. Put out a big, welcoming tent.
  • Stop saying “Our people are our greatest asset” when it’s patently not true. Actions speak loader than words


“We’re at a time where the state of our jobs in the UK are in flux,” says Rhys Maddocks, JobSwipe founder. “Yet, rather than companies looking for employees to think outside the box it seems they would prefer them to put things in a box and do it on a temporary basis for very little money. We don’t know what will be in store for us in the coming months, but we need to find a way to make our country an attractive place for our countrymen to live, and we can start with the jobs market.”


The top 10 available jobs in the UK, USA, India, France, Germany and Spain are:


Warehouse Operative Delivery Partner – Uber Eats Private Teacher
Support Worker Entry Level Financial Advisor Software Engineer
Administrator Entry Level-Sales Business Development Manager
Accounts Assistant Junior Financial Representative Assistant Manager
Sales Executive Hair Stylist Sales Executive
Credit Controller Dog Sitter Marketing Executive
Management Accountant In-Home Teachers Customer Support Executive
Customer Service Advisor Personal Shopper Senior Software Engineer
Project Manager CDL A Truck Driver Area Sales Manager
Maintenance Engineer Insurance Sales Agent Accounts Executive


Real Estate Advisor Merchant / Retailer Teacher
Teacher Nursing / Geriatric nurse Carer
Care Worker Teacher Coach
Accountant Nurse Employee
Payroll Manager Specialist Nurse – Anaesthetic/Intensive care Entertainer
Maintenance technician Specialist Nurse – Operation Theatre Hairdresser
Management Controller Controller Fitter/Assembly line worker
Nurse Financial Accountant Trainer
Real Estate Negotiator Trainee Salesperson Recruiter
Technico-Commercial H / F Accountant Instructor


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