Links International Asia Salary Snapshot shows continuing candidate market.

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The award-winning recruitment and HR outsourcing firm Links International ( has released its 2019 Asia Salary Snapshot. The annual  guide for professionals in Asia has produced a number of findings:

  • Similar to 2018, the hiring market across the region in 2019 will remain a candidate’s market with 46 per cent of clients expecting to increase their hiring in 2019 (only slightly down from 50 per cent in 2018).
  • Salary, career progression and work/life balance were the top 3 reasons for candidates to move with career progression and work/life balance becoming increasingly important year on year, relative to salary.
  • Staff turnover and the number of ‘Jumpy CVs’ is likely to continue with 41 per cent of candidates reporting being in their current role for less than 1 year and 48 per cent of candidates stating that they were likely to change roles in next 6 months (up from 43 per cent in 2018).
  • Almost half of employers stated they would increase salaries by 3-4 per cent during the next salary review despite candidates generally being able to obtain a 10 per cent – 20 per cent salary increment if they moved job.
  • Over 51 per cent of participants felt that stress at work impacted their physical or mental health and 45 per cent of participants felt that stress at work impacted their relationships with family or friends.  At the same time we found that only 29 per cent of employers had employee wellness initiatives targeting non-financial wellness.

The report is based on over 700 clients and candidates across the Asia-Pacific region who responded to our salary survey which was released at the end of 2018, combined with Links’ own insights gained from its employees’ observations and candidate placements they made throughout the year.

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