Professional Passport membership give company further strength

iConsult Intention to Grow

iConsult, a trusted umbrella employment company for UK based contractors, freelancers and self-employed are setting out their stall for future business growth. Having achieved Professional Passport membership this week, iConsult have gone one step further to demonstrate their commitment to the higher service standards and code of compliance set out by this membership body.

Aligned with this strict compliance code, iConsult have raised their profile further through a strategic business alliance with iContract, an online platform connecting contractors with employers for job matching and networking. iConsult are thrilled to be collaborating with iContract to support each party’s respective community of contractors and freelance professional workers.

“iContract is a formidable platform for contractors to search and find their next assignment and connect with recruiters,” said Steven English, managing director of iConsult. “As a trusted partner, our contractor base, who benefit from our compliant umbrella solution, have been able to secure new assignments more quickly and efficiently whilst minimising downtime between assignments, which is an incredible financial benefit to our clients.”

iContract reports it can now manage the professional requirements of all contractors under one roof. Through their innovative technology, iContract can help contractors:

–          Build a live contractor profile and be instantly matched to their next contract that is personally tailored to their unique requirements

–          Expand their professional network and connect with employers and other contractor users

–          Interact with a growing community through direct chat and community discussions

–          Benefit from advisory support from offline meet-ups exclusive to iContract users

–          Access third party help and advice from trusted service providers on important matters such as mortgages, accountancy, insurance, and payroll.

“iContract is pleased to welcome iConsult to its list of preferred service providers,” said Amanda Cai, CEO of iContract. “Their compliant umbrella solution for UK contractors and freelancers will add great value to the iContract platform and their knowledge and expertise in this field will be extremely beneficial to iContract’s growing contractor community.”

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