Recruitment company places diversity as top priority for businesses.

Being diverse.

Davidson have challenged organisations to find out if they are ‘diversity fit’. In an article [] they note that gender diversity is to the 2010s what the ‘triple bottom line’ was to the late 1990s – a key challenge for big business and increasingly under the spotlight, particularly in the technology space.

“We are awash with stories about the dearth of women in areas of technology and digital – this is not news. However, what is of increasing interest is that although many companies are tackling the diversity problem, some approaches are more well-meaning, than effective,” they say.

The business case for diversity may now be proven, but it seems that action is lagging behind words. In short, to build a dynamic and robust working environment, more women need to be involved. Unlike in the 1990s – when businesses focussed on being good corporate citizens to contribute to their bottom line – creating diverse workforces has now taken centre stage.

Davidson’s checklist of for companies calls on businesses to hire differently, manage differently and promote differently.

  • What’s the public perception of your organisation in terms of diversity? Are you seen as a ‘boys club run by men’ and inflexible in your adoption of flexible work arrangements?
  • What are the internal perceptions?
  • What policies and procedures do you currently have in place to accommodate women?
  • What positive diversity messages does your organisation use to attract women?
  • Does your organisation have a specific sourcing strategy to attract women?
  • What programs does your organisation have in place to manage and nurture women once you recruit them?
  • How does your organisation foster women’s career progression?
  • How you answer these questions will determine the next steps you need to take to make your business ‘diversity fit.’

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