Remuneration report created and made available for industry.

APSCo heralds new insight.

The Association of Professional Staffing Companies (APSCo) in Australia has announced the publication of the ANZ Remuneration Report. Created by Staffing Industry Metrics and HHMC Global together with the support of DaXtra and APositive Workforce Finance, the report represents a broad cross-section of the ANZ staffing and recruitment sector, collating and benchmarking data against more than 27 recognised job titles, with four reports for each. The Report also includes demand data only available through APSCo’s Staffing Trends program with Burning Glass.

In announcing the publication of the ANZ Remuneration Report, Julie Mills, managing director of APSCo Australia noted that the Association’s Members had agitated for a report of this nature but to ensure the report was truly representative, Staffing Industry Metrics and HHMC Global were engaged to deliver the report across the industry. 

The result is a static report published annually, while an active Dashboard is also available and uses the Staffing Industry Metrics platform, purpose built for the sector. The Dashboard reflects all current data and is only available to participating companies as an ongoing resource with benchmarking against like organisations. 

Mills went on to add: “the report will provide substantial evidence for future Skilled Occupation discussions, for the professionalism of the sector program and, last but not least, inform talent acquisition in our own sector.” 

“The ANZ Remuneration Dashboard has provided Adecco with a wealth of information that is used in our annual salary reviews and informs our managers and talent acquisition teams for new hire discussions,” said Simon Birch, director of people & culture operations, Adecco Group. “With such a diverse industry it is great to have solid data to help us make informed decisions about our most important asset.”

John McCluskey, managing director, Whizdom Recruitment commented: “Information such as this, third party analysed and across so many roles is gold to a business like mine – the conversations we can have with potential hires for our business will be so much more focussed.”

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