Scottish agency deploys tech to meet Right-to-Work demands.

IDVT speeds process.

Scottish recruitment agency Brightwork has deployed new technology to speed up legally-required checks in the increasingly complex task of confirming whether individuals have the right to work in the UK.

The Identification Document Validation Technology (IDVT) system uses advanced machine learning algorithms to compare a candidate’s image with that of photos on supporting identity documents. Using a standard Android smartphone with the accompanying app, an on-the-spot picture taken of a job seeker can be immediately compared with identifying information stored in a secure cloud, with results available in minutes.

Director Shan Saba said the simple and easy-to-use system will allow Brightwork to give employers confidence they are operating within the law while at the same time streamlining the recruitment process. This is critical as high levels of employment have created shortages of qualified staff in many areas.

“Employers have always been legally obliged to ensure that anyone they hire has the right to work in the UK, with the potential of quite severe civil penalties for those who fail to do so,” Saba said. “Delays and uncertainty around the UK’s exit from the European Union have left many employers struggling to get to grips with current and future staffing requirements. For those facing a shortage of suitable candidates, the need to fill these vacant roles as rapidly as possible is paramount.”

With offices in Glasgow, Edinburgh and Elgin, Brightwork is part of Staffline, one of the leading employment support and training service businesses in the UK. Brightwork is piloting the innovative IDVT technology on behalf of its parent company, which in turn will roll it out to other businesses across the UK.

“As we predicted two years ago, becoming part of Staffline has significantly broadened and strengthened our business base,” Saba added. “This latest piece of technology is further evidence of that.”

Founded in 2006, Brightwork was sold to Staffline in 2017, but continues to trade under its own name. The company employs 70 people across its three offices north of the Border.

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