Study reveals employer brand is the missing link in digital transformation success.

Changing times.

An independent survey carried out by Aptitude Research on behalf of Alexander Mann Solutions has revealed a staggeringly low number of companies incorporating employer brand in digital transformation of talent acquisition, limiting the successful impact of this investment.

According to the 2019 Talent Acquisition survey, just 29 per cent of businesses believe brand plays an important role in digital transformation. With the integration of technology having a direct impact on the candidate and employee experience, the global talent acquisition and management firm warns that failure to align employer brand with digital transformation in talent acquisition could be damaging to a firm’s competitive skills attraction.

 “Digital transformation provides opportunities to show candidates and employees more about an organisation and, crucially, establish trusting relationships and partnerships, said Laurie Padua, global head of technology and operations consulting at Alexander Mann Solutions. “In many cases, this tech integration will have an impact at almost every talent touchpoint. Without a direct correlation between this and your employer brand, it’s almost impossible to ensure consistent messaging, which in turn could damage the candidate experience.”

“When embracing digital technology, companies need to align their strategy with employer branding efforts and organisational culture,” Padua added, “as well as consider the role of branding throughout the entire candidate journey, from recruitment marketing to onboarding. Consistency of messaging is critically important in not only successful digital transformation, but also a candidate-led environment.”

To view the full report, click here

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