Tempo identifies main issues for the next year.

Trending for 2019

Technology has seen huge changes in 2018 – GDPR, AI, automation and blockchain have entered public consciousness, and are seemingly here to stay. 2019 is likely to be even more transformative, with the working work set to completely change. Tempo, the AI enabled recruitment platform, have listed the top five trends that will dominate the headlines in next year.

The Candidate is always right

The skills shortage is gripping every industry. To attract and retain top workers, businesses are becoming more candidate/employee-focused. In 2019, we’ll see companies pouring resources into creating an unique candidate experience and building a socially responsible brand.

This will filter into recruitment. It’s simply unacceptable to not respond to unsuccessful candidates or share automated messages to successful ones. Glassdoor and other online platforms are increasingly a determinant for recruitment, and these need to be managed correctly. HR departments will have to embrace technology to free up time to concentrate on employee experience. Companies who manage this are likely to be successful in 2019 and beyond.


The death of the “ping-pong” culture

Throughout the Facebook years, Ping-Pong tables and beer kegs were all the rage. Look at any list of Best Places to Work, and there they’ll be, along with the ‘unique’ catchphrase for employees, such as ‘don’t be a d***head’.

This superficial perk culture is over. 2019 will see a much larger focus on benefits that have actual substance, like personal wellbeing support and flexibility with regards to time and location. Millennial and Gen Z expect a more flexible work environment where socially relevant benefits and personal development are key.


The gig-economy enters the corporate realm

The gig-economy is no longer exclusively for unskilled workers. If the corporate world wants to continue attracting top talent, they will need to embrace this phenomenon and change how they find their employees

Next year candidates, recruiters and employers will change their outlook on portfolio careers, considering the benefits a range of jobs/experiences can bring to a business. 2019 will see a greater focus on the candidate with a diverse, flexible and adaptable skill set. The hiring process will have to change to facilitate this. Interview processes will be shorter and more soft skills focused, testing candidates ability to learn new skills, rather than simply assessing what they already know.


Recruitment teams will do more with less

AI and analytics have shaken up business in 2018, and will do the same for the workforce in 2019. Internal teams will become leaner but more ‘tooled-up’ as technology becomes more affordable and useable.

With a focus on insights, companies can more quickly bring in the right talent. Despite some negative press, AI can be a force for addressing gender and racial biases. If implemented correctly, the technology is quicker and fairer than humans. As algorithms in recruitment become the norm, the auditing of these systems to check for bias must work hard to catch up. For auditing to be successful, tech  companies must start building algorithms in such a way that allows it to be analysed and its outcomes interpreted.


The death of CVs

It’s been a long time coming but 2019 looks set to finally kill off the CV. We’re going to see a shift in how candidates and employers interact. The proliferation of video will see companies place more trust in candidate profiles and start to place more emphasis on soft skills.

2019 will be the start of a revolution in the application process, with digital-native candidates embracing video technology to show their personality. Doing so will demonstrate a range of skills, from individualism, creativity and an awareness of technology – skills which are more in demand than ever.

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