The latest labour market outlook from across the UK

“One of the biggest challenges members are flagging are still around skills and staff shortages and looking ahead.”

REC’s Director of Policy and Campaigns provides an inside track of the latest from REC members as he shares his findings and key messages from our recent virtual discussions, recruitment industry reports and our work with key stakeholders, as we slowly prepare for a post-lockdown phase. There are plenty of takeaways for recruitment leaders preparing their businesses for the new normal.

Tune in and hear about:

  • How businesses are responding to the new norm
  • The biggest challenges members are flagging as we prepare for post-crisis
  • Post-lockdown priorities of REC members
  • The significance of data and research in leading strategic conversations with clients
  • The latest labour market outlook from across the UK
  • Advice for recruitment businesses on raising profiles and amplifying your voice

Our comms team have created a guide to help members deal with and manage journalists. To request the guide, contact Director of Sales and Marketing, Kate Shoesmith, or Head of Communications, Shazia Ejaz

Key quotes/takeaways:

“I think there’s been a real call on the industry to play the advisory role which we’re all in favour of.”

“The feedback we’re getting from members is employers recognise the need to hire on potential and transferability of skills, but they’re not that good at it. And a lot of procedures in place at the moment are based on past experience, so we need to shift the dial on that. And we think there is a massive role for recruiters to play in shifting that dial.”

“It’s not about just having the right policies in place it’s about being proactive and being able to show that the makeup of workplace is actually evolving.”

“One of the biggest challenges members are flagging are still around skills and staff shortages.”

“Clients post-COVID want a more strategic perspective. Recruiters are using data and research to build those strategic conversations with clients.”

“The level of service the clients expect from their recruiter, and that includes the increase in strategy direction, and linked to that is the leadership skills and the skills of front-line recruiters, and how will those evolve.” (Post-crisis priorities for members)

“Some of our members are actively involved in their local enterprise partnerships, and more members are involved in their local chamber of commerce work, so that’s a great way of amplifying your own voice, as well as networking.”


Tom Hadley, @HadleysComment, Director of Policy and Campaigns

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