How do we stem the wave of increased unemployment?

Unemployment is rising. The latest reports from The Institute of Employment Studies show the fastest rise in ‘claimant’ unemployment since 1947 – an increase by 70%.

What are some of the imminent post-lockdown employment challenges, and what does the government need to do to limit the threat of mass unemployment?

We were joined by the Director of The Institute of Employment Studies Tony Wilson to discuss exactly this. Tune in to the latest episode of Neil Carberry’s podcast with Tony Wilson where they’ll cover:

  • The role of the UK recruitment industry in tackling unemployment in the months ahead
  • Post-lockdown employment challenges
  • What governments need to do to limit the threat of mass unemployment

Key quotes/takeaways:

“Even with a sharp recovery, we’re going to face huge challenges around how we support those people who’re now unemployed to get back into work, and how we support people who will become unemployed in the summer as Job Retention Scheme winds up to find new jobs.”

What can we do as a nation to tackle the unemployment crisis?

  • Need to make sure everyone who is unemployed is getting help
  • Having an effective and coordinated local response as we move into the summer
  • Support the long-term unemployed
  • Stimulate demand

“What we’re going to see in the summer is a lot of smaller scale redundancies and that will cause ripples throughout the labour market.”


Tony Wilson, @tonywilsonIES, Director of the Institute for Employment Studies, @EmploymtStudies

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