The Top 5 Talent Acquisition Trends to Expect in the UAE This 2020.

David Mackenzie, group MD, Mackenzie Jones Group including Mackenzie Jones, MumsAtWork, MENA Solutions, Simply Digital and ThinkTech.

Keeping talented employees from leaving is one of the most important yet difficult jobs of your HR department and organisation as a whole. However, before you can retain, groom, and help your top talent unlock their potential, you have to find and entice them to join your company first.

Looking for the best ways to find and get the most qualified candidates to join your company, therefore, should always be a part of your main HR thrust. The good news is that each year, new strategies are introduced to help organisations attract top talent.

By knowing and implementing these techniques, your chances of finding and hiring the ideal candidates for any position would be higher.

Attracting Top Talent in the UAE

Representatives from leading Dubai recruitment agencies share below the five talent acquisition trends and strategies that would help you attract the best candidates in and outside the UAE to join your company:

  1. Company culture will continue to be a key factor

In the past decades, many jobseekers have been looking for organisations that support the wellbeing of their workers and uphold diversity and collaboration in the workplace. They want to be part of a company that values employee job satisfaction.

Since being part of a great company culture is a priority for most jobseekers, your company needs to work on improving and building it. Moreover, it should be a key component of your branding and recruiting strategy.

However, highlighting your corporate culture during the hiring stage is only the start. Your organisation has to support and demonstrate it continuously. By doing so, you will have current and past employees that can be your brand advocates, people that can inspire jobseekers to join your company.

Moreover, continuously supporting and enhancing your company culture will help you retain your employees, too.

  1. Focus on candidate engagement

Spending a lot of time on writing exceptional job descriptions and going about the right process of advertising them will get the attention of a lot of possible new hires. However, if you don’t engage with them, all your efforts and investment will be useless.

Because of this, you have to communicate and engage with all applicants. This is something that is not difficult to do due to the variety of communication channels you can use.

Whenever you get an application, send an email or text message to the applicant to inform him or her you received it. However, personalise your approach to each candidate. Use a program or app that will allow you to customise your responses so that you can still engage candidates even in high volume hiring.

Additionally, use multiple channels to engage with applicants. Try to respond to their questions and remarks or comments in real-time so that they know you value their interest in joining your company.

Lastly, always keep your social media channels, emails, chatbots, and other communication channels open so that candidates can get in touch with you. Send them updates regarding their application and other content that they may find valuable, so that they will be encouraged to interact with you.

  1. Increasing use of artificial intelligence (AI)

The applicant tracking system is one of the most widely-used features of recruitment technology. But this 2020, and in the coming years, expect more recruiters and organisations to use AI-supported tools for sourcing, recruiting, and engaging jobseekers.

The popularity of automated chat and scheduling bots is a sign that AI is helping innovate talent acquisition. Additionally, machine learning or ML and other robotic process automation or RPA technology have also helped numerous organisations improve their recruitment process, including sourcing, screening, and engagement.

Chatbots, in particular, have evolved into advanced features, so that they are now being used at the top of the recruitment funnel to move the candidate journey along in a personalised and timely manner. They can answer applicants’ questions and perform the initial screening, allowing recruiters to engage with them on a more personal level.

In addition to answering candidate questions, recruitment tech can conduct initial screenings, giving recruiters more time to do other things while still providing a personalised candidate experience.

  1. Focus on diversity and inclusion

Today’s jobseekers are more diverse than ever. Applicants come from five different generations and various parts of the world. If your company is still not working on having a diverse workforce, you will miss out on some of the top candidates in the market.

Moreover, your organisation would be losing out on a lot of benefits and opportunities, as well. Because of these reasons, one of the top trends you will see this year is employers building and showcasing a culture where qualified employees, regardless of their background, can be part of their companies.

Additionally, organisations will create an environment where the voice of all their workers heard and they feel they are valued and welcomed by the team.  

Lastly, companies are also working to implement programmes and measures to ensure all their employees can thrive regardless of their position and background. These include providing mentorship opportunities, leadership training programmes, and formal sponsorship.

During the recruitment stage, employers and recruiters will have to highlight all these to attract top talent.

  1. Recruitment process transparency

Finally, recruiters expect all applicants to be honest. It is, therefore, only fair that candidates receive the same treatment.

To keep applicants interested in your job opening, be truthful and straightforward when setting and managing their expectations from the beginning.

If they ask what compensation they can get, share the salary range. Avoid stating an amount that is too high that the company won’t be able to give or something too low that they end up undervaluing themselves.

After each interview, give constructive feedback to each candidate. Don’t leave them guessing about what they said or did not say which caused them to fail or pass. Help your applicants to grow by sharing with them your perceptions and opinions.

Lastly, if you are using any recruitment technology, explain this to the candidates. Be honest and open with them about how you are conducting your screening process and the selection criteria you have.

When the candidates know that you are transparent, they will trust you more. And this will boost their interest in being part of your company.

If you are looking to grow your company in the UAE this year, keep these trends in mind so that you can attract and hire the most qualified candidates. Additionally, consider working with a recruitment agency that is always on top of these developments to employ talented and skilled applicants successfully without the hassle.

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