UK staffing employees value work environment and culture.

Survey reveals job satisfaction sources.

The UK Internal Staff Survey 2019 from Staffing Industry Analysts (SIA) has found the top reason employees expressing the highest levels of satisfaction with their employer was “good work environment/culture”. Employees cited empowerment, team cohesiveness and support as some of elements contributing to a good work environment and strong sense of culture.

With close to 1,000 respondents from 16 staffing firms participating, SIA’s survey looked at employee opinions and workforce trends over a range of categories including job satisfaction, professional development, vendor preferences, automation/outsourcing, compensation and more. Staffing firms can use this report to identify key drivers of internal staff satisfaction and to learn best practices in recruiting and retention.

Other primary reasons behind high levels of satisfaction on the job included “good opportunities for career, bonus, travel”, “leadership”, “training”, “work/life balance” and “autonomy”.  The overall net promoter score for UK staffing employers as reflected in the survey was 55 per cent, a ranking which is considered “excellent”.

“This is our first survey of the UK staffing industry rank and file — it’s exciting because these ‘boots on the ground’ employees are closer to staffing’s operational challenges and opportunities than anyone and so have entirely unique and insightful views to share,” said Jon Osborne, VP Strategic Research at SIA. “The report is particularly useful from an employee retention perspective. Staff gave us a lot of good information regarding what makes them engaged and satisfied and how to keep them on the job.”

The full UK Internal Staff Survey 2019 report is available for SIA Corporate and CWS Council Members.

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