Book your place at The Global Recruiter’s UK Summit NOW!

Driving diversity for quality recruitment.

Now is the time to secure your place at The Global Recruiter’s UK Summit and super-charge your recruitment work towards diversity. Held on March 6th in London and free to all recruiters, this Summit will bring up to the minute insights, advice and practical steps forward to ensure your recruitment business succeeds as never before. Secure your place right now by going here:

As with previous summit, this year’s attendees will leave armed with a detailed picture of the recruitment world, practical advice on how to engage candidates, personal advice from industry leaders and HR experts and a host of new contacts.

Addressing diversity at all levels, the day includes a keynote presentation from Alison Starmer, MD of Client Solutions, Randstad, who will give an insight not how her organisation is using an approach to diversity which unlocks the potential of the workforce they place. From top line strategy to frontline practice she addresses what recruiters can do to make the workplace work better.

In addition, two panel sessions will give recruiters privileged access to diversity approaches and ideas both from a recruitment agency point of view and, crucially, from the end user employer perspective.

Discussions, debates and ultimately practical steps forward, make sure you’re at The Global Recruiter UK Summit on March 6th to take your recruitment business forward into the future.

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