Business leaders embrace regulation as springboard for success.

Paradigm shift.

Research commissioned by Ricoh Europe, based on a survey of 2,550 business leaders from across 24 countries suggests the majority of business leaders across Europe see the introduction of government and industry regulations as enablers for success.

The results show a shift from the traditional mindset that regulation is a bottleneck and barrier. Over half (52 per cent) agree that regulation is an enabler in the digital age – a sentiment echoed further with 55 per cent seeing privacy regulations, such as GDPR, as a basis from which to achieve organisational success.

But it’s not just governments and industries that are having a positive effect. A similar amount (56 per cent) view adhering to environmental regulations, such as the Paris Agreement, as a route to progress. Moreover, 67 per cent of leaders are looking to invest in smart technologies that are environmentally friendly – indicating a growing realisation of how people, the planet and company profits stand to gain from more environmentally focused business practices.

The research also reveals that 82 per cent are investing in technology in its wider sense as an enabler, with 66 per cent viewing the pace of technological change as a key opportunity rather than challenge. Almost as many (63 per cent) believe technology is crucial for keeping their company compliant with regulations, reaffirming the notion that long perceived obstacles are rapidly becoming opportunities.

“Today’s business leaders are being held accountable like never before and face a constantly changing environment,” says David Mills, CEO of Ricoh Europe. “The good news is that they are realising the benefits of building their business with security, privacy and environmental considerations at heart. Using technology, business leaders can turn compliance from a headache into a strength, and even make regulations a facilitator for broader organisational success. They can now see the compounding benefits of using Intelligent Devices to boost productivity, aid problem solving and lessen the load of mundane tasks.”

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