Get Your Blog On

Blogger’s Delight

Hello from the editorial desk of The Global Recruiter and a very warm welcome to our new website.

Aside from continuing to deliver the very best in news and views, research and accomplishments from across the recruitment sector, we’re very keen that we ensure we are always the voice of the staffing industry, and so as part of this we’re looking for some industry experts, practitioners, thought leaders and opinion makers to blog for us. In this very space.

We want to make this a lively, topical and enjoyable part of the website, somewhere to sound off but also somewhere to celebrate and share ideas and more about the recruitment industry. The future of this space is yours – and it can be as colourful, meme-heavy and multi-media as we can make it.

So how about it?

If you’d like to be considered and would like permission to blog get in touch with me at Tell me about yourself (if it’s not obvious) and what you’d particularly like to blog about (ditto). I look forward to hearing from you. 

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