Global Recruiter Final Diversity Speaker Announced.

RIDI Executive Board member brings insight into disability and diversity.

The final keynote speaker has been announced for The Global Recruiter’s ground breaking UK Summit ‘Diversity and beyond in recruitment’. Jane Hatton is on the Executive Board of the Recruitment Industry Disability Initiative (RIDI) and established Evenbreak in 2011, an organisation which helps talented disabled individuals and employers to find each other. Evenbreak is the only non-profit job portal run by disabled individuals for those with a disability.

Book now to hear Jane and all the other speakers at the summit right here:

Hatton is ideally placed to give the summit’s final presentation which will address practical steps to bring diversity and inclusion into the workplace, making it part and parcel of everyday operations in the future. With a host of practical ideas and initiatives to describe and discuss, Hatton will draw from RIDI award winners, to illustrate a wide range of practical steps employers and recruiters can take to access the widest talent pool. Her experience goes beyond those with disabilities to advise on creating a truly diverse workforce where recruiters can bring the best talent to their clients every time.

Join Jane Hatton and our other incisive and insightful presenters and panel members for a day which promises to deliver clear ways ahead for recruiters to up their game and deliver better value than ever for their clients and candidates.


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