iConsult helps recruitment agencies in tackling IR35 reform.

Pro-active role on new rules.

In anticipation of the upcoming IR35 reform and in response to the questions raised by recruitment agencies, iConsult managing director Steven English has taken to the road in the quest of de-mystifying concerns over IR35 and offering a solution.

iConsult has partnered with Professional Passport, APSCo and TEAM along with legal experts VWV and Blake Morgan in order to educate recruitment agencies on the changes to IR35 legislation. iConsult are holding a series of free seminars across the country focused on the impact of IR35 on recruitment agencies and offering practical solutions to help with the changes.

The iConsult team have successfully reached the halfway mark in their roadshow journey having already hit their hometown of Bristol and then London. Having spoken to Mr English after the event on Tuesday, it is clear that these seminars have been received well by recruitment agencies as he stated that: “There are already talks of follow-up events and we will be taking a much more pro-active role in order to help recruitment agencies implement this knowledge.”

If you would like to read more about how iConsult are helping recruitment agencies prepare for the upcoming IR35 reform, you can visit their website here: www.iConsult.uk.com or follow their journey on social media.  

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