Randstad finds Malaysia workforce positive for tech future

Digital positivity

A report from Randstad Malaysia has shown that close to nine in 10 Malaysia-based workforces (89 per cent) are positive that digital technology presents them with new opportunities. The finding which comes from Randstad’s Workmonitor quarterly report surveyed more than 400 employees and job seekers were in Malaysia. Employees and job seekers in Malaysia are aware that they need to upskill to take advantage of these opportunities that come with technological advancements and new innovations. Close to nine in 10 respondents (89 per cent) said that they will need to acquire new skills if they want to work in a digital-led environment. 93 per cent are willing to personally acquire these skills to guarantee their employability.

The survey also found 69 per cent of the respondents said that their employer is investing in new technologies within the field of AI such as machine learning, robotics and automation.

More than eight in 10 respondents (81 per cent) agreed that these emerging technologies will have a positive impact on their job in the next five to 10 years. While 82 per cent think that their employers should provide them with adequate training to acquire new digital skills and increase productivity, only 63 per cent said that their employers are doing so. In fact, 76 per cent are taking matters into their own hands, stating that they are investing in themselves to learn about AI.

In Malaysia, 80 per cent of survey respondents said that students are being taught and exposed to the right digital skills that will help prepare them for the future workforce.

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