Solution architects make the Top 10 jobs in demand in February.

Staffing trends published.

APSCo Australia’s Staffing Trends February Report indicates a further month of steady activity in the professional staffing market, with increases in both new and permanent roles which are taking fewer days to fill. New contracts were 52 per cent of all activity, while renewals shrank to 34 per cent with Melbourne leading the way in hiring activity. 

February advertising was at 102 per cent of the six-month rolling average, continuing the story of stability, while advertising share returned to the typical ‘stepped’ format with recruitment boards representing 49 per cent of all job ads, direct employers 29 per cent, and job boards 23 per cent. Solution architects makes an appearance at number nine in the top 10 roles in demand list. 

Boutiques lost some ground in February with multinationals and nationals jostling for the share. Generalist firms improved at the expense of finance and OHS specialists, while IT held steady. 

This month’s in-depth analysis as requested by a participant was hourly remuneration by engagement and quartiles. 

Overall, hourly mean average rates was highest in New South Wales at $99.19, while South Australia was lowest at $66.29. Australian Capital Territory and Victoria are both high in the $90’s, while Queensland and Western Australia are both in the high $80’s. 

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