Support for the industry adapted and delivered.

The Recruitment Network flexes support.

In response to the coronavirus impact on business and the wider world, The Recruitment Network has announced immediate changes in its operation, as well as its membership fees to support its members and the wider recruitment community..

James Osborne, chairman of The Recruitment Network described the current situation as “an extraordinary time for business owners with a lot of unknowns.” However, he asserts that the recruitment industry has the ability to respond and be pro-active rather than simply reacting to the ongoing situation. By helping recruitment companies to take this stance he believes the industry will positively survive and thrive in these extraordinary times and will be better placed for the bounce-back when it comes.

Under the title of Operation Sol, The Recruitment Network is producing a series of guides for recruitment business leaders around running a business in these types of situations, including financials, cashflow, managing staff, marketing and creating the right business pipelines, ready to take advantage when the market turns. These resources will include support for carrying out ‘virtual recruitment’ rather than face-to-face in person work and will all be hosted for free on their community platform, TRNWorld.

Osborne launched a totally virtual model of the network last week to be in operation to ensure business continuity for members and to significantly the availability of resources, information and support for members.

Alongside this shift, Osborne and the team have also implemented a generous payment plan for members of the network in this interim period, to allow recruitment leaders to access all the services and products of membership, but at a significantly reduced rate and in some case completely for free to aid with cashflow.  “Recruitment business leaders have plenty to focus on right now and it is our job as a network to help them remove any distractions or barriers for survival and ensure they can positively navigate through these unchartered waters in any way we can, and if that means tripling up on support for them and removing the need for any payment from them, then that is what we will do.” says Osborne

Osborne is keen to emphasise that there will be no change in the headcount at The Recruitment Network and all personnel will be staying the same: “initiatives will increase and support will increase for everyone,” he says.

These changes, says Osborne make sense simply because the Recruitment Network is purpose led and build on values “and it’s pointless having values unless you live by them.

“I am optimistic about the future,” he says, “and this will change the landscape of business forever. But if we change how we work now, if we collaborate and work together through this, then we’ll be fitter, leaner and stronger, we will survive and thrive in these extraordinary times and we will capitalise on the bounce back when it comes.”

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