Survey highlights time taken to give news to candidates

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A survey of 2600 job applicants by video interview company Shortlister has found a third of applicants have accepted a second choice job offer because of delayed interview feedback. The survey also found Scottish companies take the longest to give feedback to unsuccessful candidates – on average 36 days (well over a month) – followed by the South West of England, where employers take on average 29 days. Employers in the South East were fastest, taking only 17 days to get back to applicants.

The job seekers were also surveyed by industry, to find out which one is worst at providing feedback. The worst performing was the retail industry, where over half of candidates reported not getting any feedback following an unsuccessful application. The most considerate industry is the legal sector, where only 10 per cent of applicants never received any feedback.

To find out how where you live compares, and the different types of industries, check out the following interactive map: (click on ‘embed’ to host)

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