What the future holds for health and social care recruitment


Adaptability and collaboration were two key qualities that came to the fore in the recent crisis. We saw these qualities come to life as the nation’s health and social care staff and agencies came together to keep our essential services running.

Sanctuary Personnel was one such agency that worked closely with their clients, contractors, and the NHS at a time like this. Hear James Rook, CEO of Sanctuary Personnel and REC’s Health and Social Care sector Chair share his learnings from this crisis and thoughts on what the future holds for this sector. Tune in and hear:

  • What Sanctuary Personnel learnt from this pandemic and a comparison between the 2008-2009 recession
  • How they collaborated with their clients during the crisis
  • The impact of technology on recruitment and procurement
  • The role of agency workers and temporary contractors in this sector
  • What the future holds for health and social care recruitment

Key quotes/takeaways:

“If you’re prepared to adapt and do things differently and get positive results for your clients in a time of need, it’s something they’ll never forget.” James


  • James Rook, CEO, Sanctuary Personnel @SanctuaryLtd and Chair of REC Health and Social Care Sector group

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