Candidate experience still matters – recruiters and employers ignore it at their peril


When COVID-19 hit, business priorities shifted. Survival took priority for many, and the candidate experience got lost in the midst of need for speed – recruiting in retail and health for example.

Candidate experience is back on the agenda as businesses’ hiring intentions are slowly improving. But as consultants to your clients, how can agency recruiters step in to help their clients improve the candidate experience? We were joined by Steve Bernard, Founder of Connectwell, and a Good Recruitment Collective (GRC) signatory to share his advice for agencies and clients on:

  • Shifting perceptions about candidate experience
  • How recruitment agencies can help clients struggling with candidate experience
  • The role of recruiters in providing professional advocacy to the candidates
  • Advice for employers on candidate experience management

Key quotes/takeaways:

“What role do recruiters want to play – do they want to play a transactional role or are they prepared to take a broader role to provide professional advocacy towards candidates?” Steve

“Good recruiters would never try and create a placement or push an avenue that doesn’t have potential and possibility.” Steve

“Recruiters can help build the candidates’ confidence and help sharpen up how they present themselves.” Steve


  • Steve Bernard, Founder, Connectwell

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