Contracting work seen as stepping stone says survey.

Temp Benefits

Research from Robert Half has found a majority of Australian employers actively extending permanent contracts to those in temporary/contract roles and positively evaluating the impact temporary staff bring to their organisation. According to the survey of 460 Australian hiring managers, more than nine in 10 (92 per cent) say they would hire an employee for a permanent position who has been performing continuous temporary/contract work. In addition, more than eight in 10 (88 per cent) would extend a permanent contract to a skilled employee who was initially hired on a temporary basis – highlighting the potential opportunities for contract work to result in a permanent placement within an organisation.

“We see many employers are receptive towards hiring temporary staff as they realise the benefits offered by having a mix of both contract and permanent staff,” said Andrew Morris, director of Robert Half Australia. “This positive turnaround is also having a direct impact on the career paths of temporary professionals as top performers are in turn being offered permanent positions by their employer if and when there’s an available opportunity.”

Other than career flexibility and exposure to different industries, the benefits of contract/temporary work for employees have become more apparent, as according to almost eight in 10 (78 per cent) employers, contract workers enjoy flexibility while still maintaining a healthy degree of job security, removing the stigma that some professionals have about the perceived instability of this type of work. Avoiding prolonged recruitment processes is also a bonus, as three-quarters (75 per cent) of hiring managers agree filling temporary positions quickly is of the essence when hiring contract workers.

“The benefits of temporary work are gaining in popularity as we’re seeing more and more professionals opting for this type of work – allowing them to experience diverse careers, accumulate a rich skillset and exposure to multiple industries and workplaces,” Andrew Morris added.

Australian employers are also fast realising the rewards of flexible staffing arrangements, as three-quarters (76 per cent) say having a mix of both temporary and permanent employees is crucial to the success of their department/company. Looking forward, the changing dynamic in the Australian workplace is set to continue as more than seven in 10 (71 per cent) feel contract workers are a key component of their department’s long-term staffing strategy.

“The benefits of a flexible staffing approach are being felt by employers, particularly in a candidate-short market, as it allows them access to a much larger pool of skilled talent. By adopting a mix of both permanent and contract workers, Australian companies can become more competitive as they’re able to fill essential skills gaps quickly, whilst maintaining business continuity and starting new projects, without the additional cost burden of expanding headcount,” concluded Andrew Morris.

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