Increased pressure for Singapore’s technology market.

Pressure on for IT talent.

The 2019 Robert Half Salary Guide has suggested that digitisation, automation and technology disruption are placing mounting pressure on Singapore companies to attract sought-after IT professionals.

Matthieu Imbert-Bouchard, managing director of Robert Half Singapore says: “Singapore’s accelerating IT sector, combined with the city-state’s aspiration to become a global and regional technology hub, is placing increasing pressure on employers contending with the limited supply of available IT candidates. The growing disconnect between the jobs required and the skills available means IT employers need to focus on becoming more responsive to economic and digital transformation – which can be achieved through hiring staff with the right skillsets.”

As Imbert-Bouchard notes the true strength of any organisation lies with its people and top talent deserves to be well compensated. Offering a competitive salary is a tangible way for employers to demonstrate their commitment to their staff, and he says, proactive employers should adjust their remuneration policies to ensure their offers match or exceed what their competitors are offering.

“IT professionals across functional areas who are in a favourable position when negotiating starting salaries are those with the most wide-ranging experiences, up-to-date skills, an aptitude for new technologies and a high degree of emotional intelligence for managing and working with different personalities,” he says.

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