Working with banks: HSBC’s advice for recruitment businesses

This week, the REC’s CEO Neil Carberry is joined by two senior members of HSBC UK’s corporate banking team, providing an inside track of how they’ve been helping their clients across different sectors and countries.

You’ll hear about:

  • how businesses have responded at different stages of the crisis
  • key trends HSBC have been observing from businesses of different sizes and types
  • The demand from clients over recent months
  • What recruitment businesses need to know when approaching their banks for support
  • The support HSBC are offering to clients in the recruitment sector


Chloe Clift, Head of Professional Services, Corporate Banking
Aaron Boland, Global Relationship Manager, London Corporate Banking centre @HSBC_UK

Key quotes:

“It’s very important for the bank to understand the levers the business has pulled and can pull to self-help where possible, whether that’s reducing their cap expend, utilising the government schemes tax or VAT deferrals, furloughing, reducing salaries or possibly for larger, listed companies, restricting dividends as well.”

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