Exploring the macroeconomic trends with CBI’s Chief Economist

CBI’s Chief Economist Rain Newton-Smith joins our latest podcast to share some of the macroeconomic trends she has been monitoring during the ongoing COVID-19 crisis. In this episode, Rain and Neil:

  • explores the key challenges we face now and the extent to which government schemes addresses these challenges,
  • examines the main differences between the current recession (led by a health crisis) and The Great Recession (originated in the financial system)
  • takes stock of some of the fundamental economic changes we’ll see post-crisis including long-term trends such as the future of working (from home), and the environmental impact of our new normal.


Key quotes:

“If we don’t get the recovery right here, as we know, it’s often the younger generation who are coming into the jobs market when unemployment is high who sort of carry some of the scars from that in their lifetime earnings.”

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