No Jab, No Job: Recruitment, COVID and Compliance

by Andy Betts, Product Manager of Access Recruitment CRM

Organisations continue to operate despite the global reach of COVIDIn fact, whilst some sectors are seeing a temporary downturn in hiring, others are experiencing a high demand for employees.  Especially workers supporting the supply chain and healthcare professionals on the frontline 

The need to get new workers into organisations quickly but also safely is more critical now than ever – but COVID is now going to play a big part in that process. 

With the UK vaccine roll-out gathering pace (as of 7th Feb, 12m people have received their 1st jab), companies that are hiring, particularly for roles that involve interaction with the public, are going to look for workers to: 

  1. Be COVID free
  2. Have had a vaccination to protect themselves and prevent the spread of the disease.  

Take, for instance, the recent case of Pimlico Plumbers. While it decided not to force any of its existing employees to get a jab, because it believes that vaccinations are the way of the future it has stated that it will make having one a condition of future employment contracts. It is likely that other organisations, such as travel agencies, airlines, NHS, care workers and emergency services, will follow this lead. 

The challenge for recruitment agencies is going to become how do I keep track of who is COVID free, and who has had the vaccine?’ 


How can Access Recruitment CRM help? 

Access Recruitment CRMs Compliance module can manage your preemployment background checks as well as any COVID-related information.  

In three easy steps, recruitment businesses can: 

  1. Ask for proof of vaccine or a negative test result when a candidate registers
  2. Add a “COVID Vaccination” or “COVID Test” attribute to the candidate record, or store the evidence as a document, adding expiry dates if applicable
  3. Update relevant compliance checks within the attributes/documents  

Access Recruitment CRM will do the rest. 

When you place the candidate into a job, it will automatically check that everything is in order before you confirm and even warn you if any checks or documents (including those related to COVID status) are about to expire 

Even if you extend a placement for a candidate, Access Recruitment CRM will warn you if they will become non-compliant during the extension. 

Read our blog to find out more about our compliance module in Access Recruitment CRM why is it important for your recruitment business to get compliance right every time?  

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