Keeping your recruitment team motivated

Louis Urbanowski - Recruitment Industry Specialist

There’s no doubt that the COVID-19 pandemic has plunged various industries into a time of crisis. No matter how well you run a business, external forces will test you, your culture, and your resolve. Leaders are constantly processing the future, and your employees are watching to see how confident you are and how clearly you see the situation. They look to you for emotional fuel and signs that everything will be OK.


Motivation is not black and white, and you can’t expect your team to feel on top form at all times. But, there are strategies that can help you inspire your team and ensure everyone is well looked after.


Celebrate their achievements

Whether it’s a minor win or a huge victory, take the time to celebrate as a team and acknowledge the work that went into it. By recognising a job well done, you’re giving your team the impetus to continue to work hard. Make the time to acknowledge your teams’ personal highs too – remember their birthday, their work anniversary and other project milestones.


Continue professional development

Provide training opportunities which will help your team perform better and help them feel more motivated. Many employees are struggling with imposter syndrome at the moment, second guessing their abilities. Re-energise them to bolster the skills they already have and those they could develop to improve their performance.

Ensure they know how to use all the software and tools to the best effect such as your recruitment CRM. Lunch and learns can be a great way for teams to share knowledge and best practice tips and tricks, as well as another opportunity to connect.


Stay in touch

Anxiety is running high amongst teams, especially those more used to seeing each other on a daily basis. Make sure you’re checking in with them to review their work tasks and mental wellbeing and offer support if their confidence is wavering.

Take the time to understand the level of contact each team member needs. Some people will be happy with a team meeting once or twice a week, others may prefer a ten-minute catch up every morning to run through what they’re doing that day. It’s a delicate balancing act when it comes to communicating in the current climate. No one wants a manager who’s checking up on them every five minutes, but it’s important you know how your team are faring – and this may change from day to day.


Be flexible to their needs

With schools closed, a small child will inevitably pop up on a video call from time to time. A team member may prefer to go for a walk in the middle of the day when it’s still light, and then work a bit later in the evening. Flexibility at the moment is key to keeping your team motivated and accepting that we’re all having to do things differently.

Team motivation is critical to your business. By communicating effectively and providing support when things get tough, you can rest assured that they will remain engaged. Not just today, but in the months to come.

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