Why is it important for your recruitment business to get compliance right every time?

by Andy Betts, Access Product Manager

Compliance can mean many things to many people. Some see it as something as simple as a Right to Work check or checking a passport. For many recruitment agencies though it goes a lot deeper than that.

Imagine you’re a healthcare agency placing doctors, nurses, HCAs etc. into hospitals and local GP surgeries. Placing a Junior Doctor in to a busy A&E department that doesn’t have the right skills or documentation in place is a scary thought.

The same applies to pretty much any industry you care to think about. Aviation, driving, education, financial institutes, banks, the legal profession; all have some degree of compliance requirements.


So how, as an agency, how do you keep on top of it all?

All those documents you need, when are they going to expire? Have they got the right level of referencing? Have all the checks been made and come back successful? In the NHS alone, there can be in excess of 50 checks for a particular type of role and Aviation possibly even more in certain areas.

Not only are there fines associated with placing workers out without the right degree of checks and documentation, but there is also a moral sense of duty to do the right thing.

It’s a daunting thought and you’re probably still managing this outside your CRM on spreadsheets, but with Access Recruitment CRM’s Compliance Module, integrated with Access Screening, it can be far less worrying by providing you with an intuitive and flexible tool to manage all your compliance in one central place.


How can Access Recruitment CRM’s Compliance module help?

Whether you chose to use Access Recruitment CRMs Compliance module as a stand-alone module or enhance it by integrating with Access Screening, it does it all.

  • You can set the Compliance Management Check area to suit your business needs. It works using our powerful stored document management area, the attributes module and even allows you to enter any manual checks you might need to perform.
  • You can get reminders on when documentation or attributes expire so you can keep on top of your workload without having to do anything.
  • If you have Access Screening, you can even bring in additional documents uploaded in the Screening portal, any data checks, referencing and Q&As for a particular brand and workflow and ensure that when you place a worker, you’re placing the right people at the right time.
  • On all candidate records you can see which checks are applicable to them and what stage those checks are at and take action if needed, all in one place.
  • On placement of the worker into a job, it will automatically check that everything is in order before you confirm and even warn you if any checks or documents are about to expire whilst the worker is in the job.
  • It’s also fully integrated with the user management area of the CRM, meaning you can control who can do what and when, even hiding certain information from view if needed.
  • It’s even clever enough that if you extend a placement for a candidate it will warn you if they will become non-compliant during the extension.
  • It’s all backed up with our market leading search function meaning you can run as many searches as you need to find your compliant workers.

Check it out in action, along with the Rates Management Module, in the short video below:

It’s powerful, easy to use and most importantly, its peace of mind that your compliance needs are covered.

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