5 Reasons User Experience and Website Functionality Matter in Recruitment

Darren Curtis - Recruitment Industry Specialist

User experience and functionality make a big impact on the success of your recruitment website ensuring it a revenue generatorIs your website helping you win new clients, as well as attract candidates? Is it converting visitors to applications saving you money on job boards? 

Here’s 5 of the most common areas why recruitment websites fail and where they may not be delivering the best return on investment.  


1. Poor backend usability  

A web platform that is difficult to navigate and easily populate with content makes it hard for your marketing team to keep it updatedUltimately this means the user experience is negatively impactedand that your website will suffer in Google rankings and lose traffic.   


2. Lack of visibility of results  

If your website platform lacks meaningful performance reports it is impossible to know what’s driving results. If you are unclear on what’s working, you cannot measure success or make informed decisions to influence better effectiveness and ensure you get the best return on your investment.  


3. Poor candidate experience 

If candidates have a poor user experience on your website, it will lead to high bounce rates. If job seekers can’t easily find the information they are looking for or search for vacancies and apply for them, they will simply continue their search with one of your competitors.  

An easy navigation, engaging and optimised content using a mix of media and a simplified job search functionality are the best ways to ensure a good user experience. Also making the application process simple is a crucial part of the journey to maximise applications.  


4. No clear goals  

If you do not know what you want your website to achieve it is impossible to evaluate whether it is performing for you and if you are getting a good ROI. Creating a defined strategy that outlines the objectives for your website can help you measure its effectiveness and highlight areas for improvement.  


5. Your website is one dimensional  

Does your website represent all areas of your agency? Is it purely focussed on candidate attraction without considering attraction of clients and internal talent? Your website will need to cater for various audiences so that it can serve you comprehensively.  

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