Keeping your Recruitment Agency Data Safe and the Benefits of the Cloud

Andrew Jackson-Proes - Recruitment Industry Specialist

The UK has witnessed a phenomenal rise in cyber attacks and security breaches in recent months. The shift to remote working haessentially created a larger attack surface for increasingly sophisticated cyber attack techniquesAccording to Hiscox, one small business in the UK is successfully hacked every 19 seconds 

Recruitment agencies are particularly susceptible to breaches due to the sheer volume of personal data they sit on. Here are four of the top things recruitment agencies can do to strengthen their security:  


Educate your teams: 

Misinformed or poorly educated employees can lead to some of the biggest breaches. 58% of risk comes from internal threats, and mostly from human error as opposed to malicious intent. Create internal policies, processes and training to keep your people aware of their own responsibility and how they can stop themselves falling prey to attacks. 


Plan for war: 

Modern battle strategies are basically incident response plans, and it’s imperative that your business has one. Like any other emergency plan, it needs to be planned and practised on a regular basis so that in the event of any security breaches, everyone within your organisation knows exactly what role to play. 


Get virtual: 

Stagnant data is a risk. Cloud-based software offers peace of mind, as well as allowing businesses to scale easilyAccess Recruitment CRM provides a virtual office for users with constantly information back up supported by anti-virus and firewall applications. Your information is effectively hosted offsite and is constantly safe and secure.  Cloud adoption provides not only an immediate financial reward, it also delivers increased agility and improves disaster recovery. 


Involve everyone: 

Impress upon your teams the critical nature of data security from their onboarding to regular briefings. Communicate from the Board down so people take their responsibility seriously. 

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