Building candidate loyalty in temporary staffing

by Jason Martin, Recruitment Industry Specialist

The temporary staffing market is competitive, with more agencies than ever before, building candidate loyalty is a key part of your survival. 

Filling temporary roles which are often shift-based, and low-wage, can be challenging, especially when workers are likely to seek work through another agency for even minimal increments in wages. 

So how can you make sure you’re the agency of choice? 

Good communication 

One of the biggest complaints about recruitment agencies is a lack of communication, and this can be especially disconcerting for candidates in temporary roles where the situation can change by the week, or even the day. 

Communicating changes and updates with candidates on a regular basis can build trust, and improve the personal relationship – candidates are more likely to stick with and return to an agency that they trust. 


Referral programmes

For those candidates you do already have good relationships with, consider offering small rewards for referrals. 

Workers that come from a referral have an average retention rate of 46% vs 33% for those that come from other sources, so are more likely to turn up to work and fulfill the length of the contract. 

Not only are you likely to get more loyal candidates this way, it can also help save on advertising costs for roles which you need to fill regularly. 


Offer pay on-demand 

One of the big challenges for temporary workers is unpredictable income, so offering the ability for candidates to access the wages they’ve already earned as and when they need to, can be a great way to build loyalty. 

Firstly, workers with access to on-demand pay work on average 22% more than those that don’t, thanks to the more immediate link between work and pay. 

On-demand pay can also act as a differentiator for your agency in a competitive space, encouraging candidates to apply for roles through you – in fact, research shows that roles offering on-demand pay attract twice as many applicants as those that don’t. 


Access EarlyPay now integrates with Access Pay and Bill to allow your temporary staff to access their earned wages on-demand. Download the brochure for more info. 

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