Have you got the right tech for your recruitment business?

by Andy Larkin, Recruitment Industry Specialist

The pandemic has put into sharp perspective how essential it is to have the right technology in place with robust support and security.

Technology has been elevated from a digital-first approach to cloud everywhere, for everyone.


The big benefits of harnessing the right technology for your business are that it facilitates:

  • Proactive sourcing allowing you to leverage the assets within your own candidate database (and thereby reduce your cost of candidate attraction).
  • Improved consultant retention and billing – the two are intrinsically linked, and both are key success drivers for your business.
  • Professional business image – your teams will judge you by the tools you offer them, your consultants and clients by the accuracy and ease of transactions, especially when it comes for example to how they are paid or billed.
  • Raised productivity – your website parsing CVs directly into your recruitment CRM that is integrated with Right to Work and other compliance checks and feeding into your pay and bill system. Sounds great, right, so what is stopping you?
  • Superior candidate experience – evidence with a better website navigation and registration process (such as being able to Apply with LinkedIn), adopting mobile solutions to improve worker communication.
  • Collaborative working – team building becomes easier when everyone is working from the same system with greater visibility and opportunity for collaboration.
  • Better insights –meaningful reporting and analytics using the data within your recruitment CRM should give you a steer on what and who is doing well and where you have opportunity for improvement.
  • Innovation – new technologies, such as offering your temporary workers the ability to draw down on what they have already earned, will set you apart from your competitors.


Accelerate candidate attraction and client engagement

As the main hub of all inbound traffic, your website should represent your brand and messaging, as well as being fully optimised to help attract and convert both candidates and clients. With more time on our hands, now could be a good opportunity to conduct a website audit to check whether your digital footprint is sufficient to give you a strong start this year.

With the mindset that your website should be a revenue generator, consider whether it is promoting you to your best potential, and reducing your spend on other candidate sourcing, such as job boards.


Don’t stick with just any CRM, get the right CRM

If your chosen CRM is no longer making your people as productive as they should be because it isn’t responsive or intuitive, it’s time to take a look at what else is out there that could help you perform better. The very purpose of recruitment software is to find, manage and process your candidates faster than your competitors. It should be working as a lead generator helping you to build and maintain client relationships. Each business is different and therefore your CRM has to be right for your own specific goals, service and operating style.

Learn more about how Access Recruitment CRM can get you off to a flying start.

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